How to Write Headlines Made Easy

how to write headlines

If you don’t learn how to write headlines in a way that immediately grabs your prospect’s attention
…You Might as Well Flush Your Money Down the Toilet!

We pick and choose what we read or watch based on the headlines we see.

That means your headline has 2 goals
and ONLY two goals…

  1.  Grab your prospect’s attention and stop them dead  in their tracks.
  2.  Create enough interest to get them to read the next line of your ad, sales letter, or watch your video.

That’s it!

If your headline doesn’t get your prospects attention, it doesn’t matter what the rest of your ad or letter says.

How to Write Headlines – Step #1

BEFORE creating your headline (or any other part of your ad or sales letter for that matter) is to really know your market.

  • What are their goals, dreams, desires and hopes?
  • What are their fears, pains, worries and frustrations?
  • And what keeps them tossing and turning at night?

This alone will make you better at writing headlines than most of your competition.

How to Write Headlines the Easy Way

In my search to make my life easier, I came across an awesome “cheat sheet” that helps me write my headlines with ease. Basically it is a priceless collection of fill-in-the-blank templates to save you the hassle of learning how to write headlines.

The headline formulas cover a variety of headline approaches, including:

  • Benefit Driven headlines such as “You are about to Discover How to ____________”
  • News Headlines such as “Announcing a Brand New _________”
  • Question Headlines like “Do You Make These ___ Mistakes?”
  • and many more

How to Write Headlines – My FREE Gift to You

So, here is the really good news…

Now you don’t have to learn how to write headlines, because I’m going to give you access to these cool cheat sheets.titled  5 Winning Headline Formulas.

Get Your Free Copy of “5 Winning Headline Formulas” Now!:
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How to Write Headlines – Summary

By now you know the importance of learning how to write headlines. If you start using the 5 Winning Headline Formulas, you will soon have a good understanding of why these formulas work so well and you’ll know how to write winning headlines of your own.


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how to write headlines, how to write headlines,how to write headlines

how to write headlines| Marketing Success Recipes | Marketing Success

how to write headlines| Marketing Success Recipes | Marketing Success


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