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August 27, 2010

doug demercurioHi friends,

Welcome to my personal space on the world wide web!

My name is Doug DeMercurio. People used to call me the “Running Chef” because I ran restaurants and marathons. Now I am a former restaurant owner and  internet marketer. I like helping local business owners and entrepreneurs grow their business through offline and online marketing.

Doug DeMercurio – My Background

I grew up and lived in the Bay Area of California until I moved to Santa Barbara, where I met and married my spectacular wife, Connie.

We moved to Fort Collins, Colorado when our son was born and now live in the neighboring town of Windsor. We absolutely love the Northern Colorado lifestyle with the mountains nearby, the great weather, and the numerous outdoor activities available year round. Connie and I both love to run and have completed numerous marathons, including Boston.

I had a long term career in the restaurant business which allowed me to discover  what works and what doesn't when it comes to marketing both online and offline. It's always changing.

My approach to marketing is pretty straightforward: “Marketing should make you money, not cost you money!”

I have now teamed up with a group of marketing professionals to help people just like you and me develop marketing systems that rival some of the top producers in the history of Attraction Marketing.

My goal is to help entrepreneurs of ALL types of companies to prosper through leveraging the power of the internet, and build the lifestyle of their dreams.

Why Would a Chef Consider Network Marketing?

The restaurant business was not spared from the recent economic recession. My business income declined and my IRA savings got killed. If I wanted to retire, I had to come up with a “Plan B.” It made sense to follow the advice of financial experts and successful business people like Robert Kyosaki and Warren Buffet who believe that network marketing industry will be the “Business of the 21st Century”.

I joined a network company to build a business that will supplement my income, give me extra money for vacations and visiting family, and create a retirement income stream.

Getting a second job was out of the question as I would NEVER have the time or freedom for all the things I love in my life. That is just not an option I want to consider.

Life is way too short, you should be doing what you love!

I wanted a way to fight inflation, high gas prices, and life in general costing more and more every day, not to mention no longer having enough savings for retirement.

Like many of you I have been scared by the shaky economy, increasing government involvement in our lives,  lack of opportunity for growth, and I didn't want to risk my future anymore on one stream of income!

I love to travel and spend time with family, and having a home-based business will allow me this luxury. Even more exciting is the idea of having no cap on my future income. It's great to be able to take longer trips than ever before and never have to be subject to a schedule ever again.

When I do travel I can take my business with me via lap top and cell phone and stay as long as I want. Freedom is Priceless!

Working from home, I don't incur the daily expenses or wasted time that comes with traveling to a job. And I get to take advantage of all the tax breaks available to business owners. Best of all, I love the commute!

I was concerned at first, because the internet can seem so intimidating. But technology is so much simpler now and getting easier everyday. If I could learn how to do this, you can, too!

I am looking forward to meeting you, and working with you, to build a huge business together. With a simple system, mentors who help guide you, and a plan of action to market and manage your business, the sky is the limit.

Drop me an email or pick up the phone. Give me a call so I can answer any questions you may have. I would love to hear from you! Let me show you how you can solve your financial worries and create lasting wealth.

I hope to provide you with information, inspiration, and motivation that will propel you to reach the highest levels of success and fulfillment in your life.

Enjoy life and help others do the same,

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doug demercurio| Marketing Success Recipes | Marketing Success

doug demercurio| Marketing Success Recipes | Marketing Success

doug demercurio| Marketing Success Recipes | Marketing Success

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