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February 9, 2011

Do You Have a

Wealth Creation Strategy?

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Wealth Creation Involves More Than Just Money!

Not long ago, in my search for wealth creation, I realized that the people who I considered to be truly wealthy had more than just a lot of money… they used their money to create unique experiences in their lives… memorable experiences that defined who they were and helped them feel more alive.

A few years ago I made the decision to learn how to market on the internet and discovered a world of opportunity that I did not know existed. Many people have created an entire lifestyle built around their ability to create income online.

I became determined to create a routine I could follow, a marketing recipe or blueprint if you will, that would produce predictable, profitable wealth in my life. My wealth definition is having enough time and money to do what I enjoy whenever I want to and to be able to create memorable life experiences for me and my loved ones.

Following this new blueprint for wealth creation, I soon began earning regular affiliate commissions, and attracting others who were searching for a way to grow their business or just make some extra income on the internet.


As a result, I gained an entirely new perspective about how people communicate and do business today … and the world of network marketing suddenly appeared on my radar as a business model that was much more mainstream than I realized.

Why I Chose to Avoid Network Marketing!

Frankly, up until then, the mlm network marketing industry was something I avoided like the plague. My only experience an mlm had been back in college, when one of my friends invited me over to watch a football game and have a few beers. Once I and a bunch of our buddies showed up and got comfortable, my “friend” brought out the flip charts and introduced his high pressure upline  “leader” to put the hard sell on everyone.

I would have run away as fast as I could, but there WAS free beer.

You can see why my first impression of the network marketing industry was not entirely positive and had a long lasting negative impact on me. You can also understand why, since that day, my first reaction to the words “new business opportunity” has been to RUN!

I Won’t Show You Mine If You Don’t Show Me Yours – PLEASE!

Today, I am fully involved in teaching others how to use the internet to generate leads, make sales, and grow their businesses. Many of them own traditional storefronts, but I also have many clients who have joined an mlm network marketing company as a way to create extra income on the side.

Understandably,  I get pitched on new opportunities just about every day. I don’t take offense, but that approach does not appeal to me.

I really am dedicated to help you increase YOUR wealth. Just understand that my wealth creation strategy does not involve joining your company.

At the same time, I promise that I will NOT try and convince you that my company is the best one for you. I chose the company I’m with because it’s the best fit for me. You need to choose the company that is the best fit for you. If you’re expecting a sales pitch here, you’re not going to get it. I don’t work that way.

Anyone who’s worked with me knows I will only make  a recommendation if it is a perfect fit, has future growth potential, and has extremely high likelihood of creating wealth for me AND my partners. I’ve done a lot of research and developed my own criteria for what makes a network marketing company a good choice. If it doesn’t pass on all counts, I won’t consider it.

What Changed? Should You Consider Network Marketing Now?

Times have changed, the network marketing industry has changed, the rules of money have changed, and now if you are looking for a wealth creation strategy Network Marketing  just makes way too much sense.

If you are looking for your own personal wealth creation blueprint, a home-based network business may very well be your best strategy.

Having assisted people from a wide variety of network (MLM) companies looking to grow their businesses online,  I have been able to observe what virtually everyone of them goes through. Quite honestly,  it’s easy to become skeptical of the entire industry. There is so much hype out there.wealth creation 2

That being said, I’ve come to the realization that the network marketing industry is the best opportunity for personal wealth creation in today’s economy. You may not agree, but that’s my perspective.

What I’ve Observed About Most Network Companies

– the Downside

If you’re involved with a network (MLM) company right now, chances are that you’re receiving some sort of product or service on auto-ship each month. It’s either a health and wellness product, maybe a garment, jewelry or cosmetics. Or it could be a service like a phone plan, legal advice, travel package…you know what I’m getting at.  Whether you like it or not, if you are on auto-ship, every month you’re paying a fee for something.

I’m going to be brutally direct here and bring some cold hard truths about this industry out on the table. If your downline doesn’t get into profit or fall absolutely in love with their auto-ship within 90 days, statistically most of them WILL cancel their auto-ship. You probably don’t want to hear that, but “dem’s da facts.”

Let me paint a picture for you of a scene that plays out all across the country, actually the entire world, every single month. How common is this scenario? You be the judge.

You meet an attractive, outgoing, and personable individual who you are truly excited to enroll under you as a rep in your company.

wealth creation 3A few months go by, and as she is relaxing at home, sipping a latte, the doorbell rings.  She gets up to answer the door and catches a glimpse of Mr. UPS  man hurrying back to his truck and says to herself..”Seriously? Has it been a month already? I still have last months auto-ship I haven’t even touched“.

So she goes to the closet, opens the door, and discovers yjere’s no more room in the closet! The newest box just won’t fit. As she carries the box out to start a pile in the garage, she comes to the conclusion that this auto-ship is just one more bill that she can do without.

And at that point she makes THE DECISION. On Monday, she’ll make the “I want to cancel my auto-ship” call, rationalizing that the product (or service) has become a liability and doesn’t really have any value.

That may or may not be totally true, but if she’s already got more than she wants, it has NO REAL VALUE to her.


Now hold on! Before you overload my inbox with hate mail, take a look at an actual account of what one of the largest MLM companies around thinks about the value of their products.

worthlessBack in October of 2009, Melaleuca had 12 trucks dump 15 tons of vitamins into a local landfill in Idaho to make room for a whole new batch of improved products because the old stuff was ineffective. They previously valued the products at 10.4 million dollars.

Seriously? Who are they trying to kid? The reason they dumped them was because they had zero value. Who would throw away 10 million dollars worth of anything?
Link to story:


How would you feel if you had a closet full of those landfill vitamins that cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over the past few years. Or how about  the countless bottles of magic super- juices that cost you more than a frosty jumbo margarita in a restaurant? Would you really be buying that if you saw it on a shelf at your favorite store?

How You Can Choose a Network Company That Makes Sense For You

When we started, we were talking about wealth creation here, and I don’t want to give you the wrong impression. In reality I believe the network marketing industry is terrific and that it is the business model with the best return on investment of time and money today… if you join the right company and the right people.  There are many great companies, with great compensation plans and fantastic products out there.

It’s just that when all is said and done, what counts is the real value of the stuff you are buying every month! In most companies if you haven’t given it away as a sample, you’ve consumed it, it’s expired, or you’ve thrown it out because it’s no longer any good. It’s now worth absolutely nothing, nada, zippo. This is why many organizations in the MLM industry will continuously have such an outrageously high attrition rate – you pay for your autoship and you’re left with nothing to show for it.

-the Upside

Now I’ve shown you what I consider the downside.

But wait, there is an upside…..

wealth creation 4Of the thousands of opportunities I researched, this ONE actually got me to sit up, take notice, and choose this company as my wealth creation strategy.

I selected this company because:

First and foremost, it meets my 5 criteria for choosing a network marketing company.

Although there are lots of Wealth Creation Strategies and Wealth Creation Ideas available, this one seemed like the easiest and most fun to be involved with.

On top of that…

  • I like to HAVE FUN, MAKE MONEY, ENJOY LIFE, and HELP OTHERS do the same.
  • I love to go on vacation with people I enjoy, especially at wholesale prices.
  • Memorable experiences with my loved ones are important to me and memories last forever.
  • When you GO ON VACATION WITH FRIENDS and tell others about it, you can get paid!
    It’s something you already do.. you just don’t get paid for it yet.
  • As a rep in this company, you will enjoy life more even if you never sponsor a single sole!
  • The monthly auto-ship has no shipping cost, and I get excited when I think about using it…
    You get credit for every dollar you pay towards future vacations!
  • Once you refer 4 other members, your monthly fee is ZERO!
  • Everyone understands taking fun vacations. This requires no demonstration, no explanation and no testimonial!
  • Every single person on the planet would love to vacation more often! Most people work 50 weeks a year to make it happen.
  • This company has been attracting top earners from around the industry simply because wealth creation with this program just makes sense!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

It’s up to you to decide if this opportunity is a good fit for you,
If taking 5-star vacations at 2-star prices will help you enjoy your life more, then
==> Watch this Short Video Now<==

Questions about how this highly recommended program can fit into your wealth creation plan? Call me at 970-218-8101

Let’s create memorable experiences and grow wealthy together,

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