Zija Reviews – Info They Don’t Tell You

by Doug DeMercurio

Zija Reviews – Info You NEED to Know

zija reviewsIf you’re researching Zija reviews, you want to know what it takes to succeed in Zija. Congratulations on doing your homework. This Zija review will expose most sponsors will NOT tell you.
If you are already a rep, it’s not too late to be successful, and this Zija review may be the most important thing you read this year.

Important Note: I am not a Zija International rep, so what i am going to share with you is from an unbiased perspective.

Most all Zija reviews will tell you about Zija and it’s products. I’ll also give you a look at how you get paid with Zija International and discuss what you may not have been told that is critical to your success.

In addition, I’ll give you access to a marketing strategy that can help give you a significant advantage over the majority your competition.

Zija Reviews – What Is Zija International?

Zija is a health and wellness company that sells a line of weight management, energy and nutritional products, as well as an anti-aging skin care line

You may already know from other Zija reviews that the company is headquartered in Linden, Utah. Zija was originally founded by current president, Ken Brailsford in 2006. The other members of the corporate team are Rodney Larsen, the Executive President, and Michael Hershberger, Vice President. They are all seasoned veterans in the direct sales industry, with a combined network marketing experience of over 50 years.

Zija is currently doing business in the US, Canada, Mexico, China and Japan, and they intend to expand their international presence in the future.

Zija Reviews – The Zija Products

zija reviews 2 Zija Products

As we mentioned before, Zija is in the health and wellness niche and their products include liquid nutritionals, weight loss and skin care products.

What supposedly makes their products unique is an ingredient called Moringa. As the story goes, Brailsford discovered Moringa while watching the Discovery Channel. In ancient civilizations, this widely unknown plant was regarded as a “miracle tree” for thousands of years. The company’s website claims that because of moringa, the products have a balance of amino acids, minerals, and antioxidants, which treat over 300 health issues.

Does it really work? I’ll let you be the judge.

Zija Reviews – How You Get Paid

Zija International Inc has two 2 ways to earn a profit in the business, one focused only on customer acquisition and selling products, where you earn a commission based on the difference between the preferred price and the retail price.
The other on building a business team. You can get started as a distributor at one of three price points, which range from $200 – $1200. You would have to then pay additional monthly fees for minimum product purchases and to maintain your websites, nothing unusual there.

The actual compensation plan provides several ways to earn income.


I won’t go into detail here, but overall, the compensation plan looks quite fair and the right person could do very well. This link will take you to a more detailed outline Zija Reviews- Compensation

Zija Reviews – Easy Money or Waste of Time?

There are many others who have written Zija reviews. If you’ve read them, you may have the impression that Zija is a strong company. They are, but when you get right down to it, Zija is a network marketing opportunity. They have a competent corporate staff, a product many people like, and excellent service. They have what some consider a great compensation plan.  Starting to sound like “the XYZ network marketing company?”
The truth is… none of this has any impact on a Zija distributor’s ability to succeed.

Researching other Zija reviews is a good idea. Get to know as much about the company as you can before making a decision.

If this is a product you are passionate about, and you have decided to join, or if you are already an associate, let me caution you that most Zija distributers struggle to reach the level of success that they thought was possible. Why? Because they lack two critical skills that all top earners in any network company must have to succeed at the highest level.

Zija reviewThese two main factors that cause Zija reps to struggle are:
1 – A lack of leads, and
2- No understanding of how to market the business

If you don’t understand the importance of marketing, you will end up with in no leads once you’ve gone through your list of family and friends. An no leads means no income and ultimately, discouragement and failure. Learning how to generate leads, resulting in sales and sponsoring others into your Zija business is the only way you will generate the income you desire.

Zija Reviews – Marketing Success Strategy

You may have been told that talking to your friends and family about Zija is the best way to get started. Although that is certainly true to get started quickly, for most people it is not a long term strategy that will result in significant income.

What will you do when you have gone through your list of family and friends? Most likely you will find yourself frustrated from dealing with rejection, having made little if any money, and will be left wondering why you got into this industry in the first place.

But don’t despair, there is a solution.

If you want the best chance at success in your Zija business, you need to learn Attraction Marketing principles. Click here for a free 10 day training series on attraction marketing.

By using attraction marketing, learning a few marketing skills, and leveraging the power of the internet, you can succeed where the other 95% fail.

Imagine not having to buy leads, make cold calls, or even having to try and sell to your friends and family. What if you could easily start attracting people to you who are eager to learn about your business and may buy from you even if they don’t join your Zija business?

Align yourself with someone who can help you create your marketing strategy, keep you focused and improve your quality of life. Every minute you delay is costing you and your family precious time and money.

Get the online system that will help you close more professionals into your business, generate more leads and earn additional commissions on autopilot and make more money and feel less awkward when you talk to prospects.
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To your Success.

Zija Reviews

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zija reviews| Marketing Success Recipes | Marketing Success

zija reviews| Marketing Success Recipes | Marketing Success

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